Funky Breaks, Big Beat, Dubstep, Drum&Bass...
About Jet Peks

Jet Peks is a new level in Ukrainian underground dance music scene.
He’s combining the broken beats and live instruments to create
music of his incredible drive and energy.

Under the pseudonym Jet Peks, Dmytro presents his first release,
“Funk Me, Whatta Groovy Trip !!!” in 2009. Releas is available for
free download on Russian online label Qulture Production. Then it
starts to act as a dj playing at Drum & Bass, Ragga, Big-beat,
Breakbeat, Dubstep, Funky Breaks and Hip-hop parties.

In 2010, the Italian net-label Young NRG Productions, he has issued
the commercial release Jet Peks - Overdrive EP - style drum & bass,
for sale at digital stores Beatport, Junodownload, Amazon and
Plays on the same stage with The Propellerheads, Bassement Freaks,
Krazia, Redco ...

As a result of collaboration with session musicians Slavik Shershun
(bass guitar, Elefunk Vibrations) and Slavik “Baby” Mal’uk
(trombone), producer Nick Tremo and Redco (Roman Pelech),
vocalist Roman Babushanovym (aka Son of the Sun), in 2011 comes a
new release of Jet Peks - “Rise”.

It sounds like The Prodigy meets Jimi Hendrix. Groovy rythms and
incredable sounds of guitars and trombone made this record #1 in
DJ set and my iPod. The album is also available for free download at
Ukrainian label Kidney Music.
More info:
- in music portal “Far from Moscow” (english);
- in  media journal “Znaki.FM” (russian).
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